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In order to be able to enhance pimcore and its already powerful core features, pimcore comes along with a plugin API. Thereby developers are able to reuse modules created for pimcore websites, or enhance and add system features.

Pimcore plugins can be developed by utilizing Javascript user interface and PHP backend hooks. The following sections explain firstly how to design and structure plugins and secondly how to register for and utilize the hooks provided in the PHP backend and the Ext JS frontend.

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  1. hello,

    Maybe did i not search at the right place but I do not find a place where is described a full module developpement, with its frontend controllers, view and and the administration side.

    It is something powerful in CMS like joomla that could have some interesst because we all do not want to spend time rewriting that have already be done by others...

    is there a way to do it ?