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 The editables are placeholders in the templates, which are input widgets in the admin (editmode) and output the content in frontend mode.


Most of the editables use ExtJS widgets, these editables can be also configured with options of the underlying ExtJS widget.

For example: 

You can also use Zend_Json_Expr to add "native" Javascript to an editable: 

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  1. have a look at the pimcore\models\Document\Tag folder, all classes are here. if you use in the template the $this->[some tag] function, pimcore looks for a Document_Tag_[some tag] class and create an instance. you can create new tags (or extend, ...) using the same folder structure in plugins. have a look at Zend_Autoloading.

  2. Is there a possibiltiy to inherit special editables? This would be great for sidebars !