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Pimcore allows you to define custom document-types, which allows you do define sets of settings for a page. An editor can then easily choose one of the type when creating a new page.

To define document-type go to "Settings->Document-Types", then you get something like that:

The type can be either a page or a snippet. After you have defined a type you can access it in the context menu or in the document settings:


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  1. For it looked first like this would not work. The problem was that the java script was a little bit lagging and I clicked too fast. I was under the impression that selecting the "Predefined Document Type" in the documents settings is all I need. But it turns out that the java script is filling in the values for "Controller" and "Action" afterwards. The important part are those values.

    Maybe this information helps those who are as impatient as I am. :)

    And another sidenote: The value for "Predefined Document Type" will not be saved. (At least it was not in my case.)

  2. Another comment for the author: It would be good if you could write from where the template path starts. (To where is it relative to). For me it is clear now but I could imagine that it is not clear to everyone.

  3. Has anyone an example how we create a module to be used for document types?