Open Architectuur. Toonaangevende Technologie Stack.

Gebouwd op een gestandaardiseerde, robuuste, modulaire en open architectuur, gebruikmakende van een toonaangevende technologie stack, voorziet Pimcore in alle omnichannel publicatie en e-commerce behoeften.

Technology & Architecture

Flexible by design. Leading the benchmark for time-to-market. Pimcore combines Product Information Management (PIM), Web Content Management (CMS), Digital Asset Management (DAM) and e-commerce in one consolidated platform.

Adjust 100% to your needs

Highly Flexible

An extendable architecture, 100% API-driven by definition, Pimcore integrates seamlessly into existing IT environments, enabling your digital transformation processes with content and commerce applications tailor-made for your exact needs. Awesome time-to-market guaranteed.

Reliable future-proof stack

Rock Solid

Pimcore is rock-solid, fast and reliable and 100% built on standards-based technology. Based on PHP and the Zend Framework and utilizing leading open-source applications like MySQL and Apache, pimcore reduces operating costs and brings simplicity into operations.

Ready for your strategy

Scalable & Secure

Scalability, Stability and Security are the basic requirements for providing the needed flexibility to meet your evolving needs. Pimcore is very scalable, both horizontal and vertical, due to its solid underlying platform and can be used on-premise or within clusters and cloud environments.

 "Pimcore voorziet in een solide technologische basis met een veelzijdige API. Ondanks Pimcore’s rijke mogelijkheden, is de architectuur transparant en gefocust op performance."

Simon Matt, Head of Technology, TUI Holding GmbH

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