New plugin: Advanced Object Search


Hello Pimcore community!

We just released a module which vastly enhances the object search for structured data inside the Pimcore backend. This module creates a search index across all object data and relations. It requires Elasticsearch to run.

It adds the following features to your existing Pimcore installation

  • Perform complex searches with conditions and filters
  • Perform nested searches across object relations
  • Save search configurations for later
  • Share saved search configurations with other Pimcore users

This preview shows some of the possibilities of the new Elasticsearch based advanced object search module

Try the new module now in our Advanced Demo.

This bundle can be used with any Pimcore 5 installation. As a prerequisite you need to install and configure Elasticsearch 5 first (Find out here how to install Elasticsearch on your server).

Download, additional details and documentation

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