SQL calls in Pimcore when saving objects

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SQL calls in Pimcore when saving objects

Post by danielerendt » Tue Mar 13, 2012 3:51 pm

Hi guys,

we already reported different performance issues that create delays in our system which are unfortunately unbearable for us. Thus, we dug deeper into the critical processes to get a better understanding and may now have some more insights that help solve the issue:

Probably like many others, we do not use every of the many great features Pimcore offers. However, though we do not use them, it seems they still have quite large SQL footprint. So we would suggest that you optimize these parts so that they do not create this footprint anymore for people that do not use them.

In detail, this means:

For objects, we do not use:
versioning (version=0)
properties (simply no properties specified for our objects)
scheduled tasks (simply none specified)

Still, for all of the accompanying tables, we see delete statements being not only prepared but also executed for every single save() call on an object.
For versions, it first inserts the current version before deleting it again. When versioning is set to 0, there should simply nothing be done.
For scheduled tasks, the delete is not only done once, but even four times (without any other statement in between).

Also, though not changing any dependencies or relations on the object, all dependencies and relations seem to get deleted with every save() call.
Though it is easy to determine that the object is already persistent, there is always an insert SQL call prepared first, before the update is done. This is true not only for the objects table, but also for the object_store and object_query (these two get even prepared twice without being executed).

Additionally, we are unsure, whether the switch from MyISAM to InnoDB as the default table engine may have decreased our performance when using pimcore - compared between different projects (the newer ones that always only create InnoDB tables and the older ones that also have MyISAM tables). Our understanding is that MyISAM is best when it comes to performance and thus would be happy to better understand your switch to InnoDB.

We would be happy, to get detailed input from you on these topics.
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Re: SQL calls in Pimcore when saving objects

Post by danielerendt » Mon Apr 02, 2012 11:29 am

Nobody here being able to give some input on this?

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